Lisa realized my artistic vision. Period.

I Went on a trip to Zion with some friends and had an encounter with a rare owl while we were canyoning.  It was a highlight of the trip, but even though all of us were photographers, none of us got any good photos of the owl.  I decided a painting would be a good way to remember the experience through art.  My friend Lisa is an exquisite painter, and so I commissioned Lisa to make a painting to encompass the special experience.  Her task was to include what was actually present, while embellishing the setting (making an idealized setting not based on the actual).  This was no easy task.  We had consultations, she asked thorough questions, and I provided samples of inspiration.  I tend to get pedantic with art, and provided lots of information both specific and intangible.  Being an artist myself, it is challenging to manifest in the real, what can only be described as ethereal (an artistic vision).  All told, she delivered a painting that is now a prized piece of art hanging in my gallery.  From the feel down to the brush stokes, I love the painting Lisa did.

- Nick Lonstad

Lisa Hewitt has gifted me two of her paintings as Birthday gifts. These gifts are given from her heart. When I received each painting I was filled with so much emotion that I cried both times. She captured the sweetness of my dog, the beauty of our hike and my joy. Lisa truly is an artist in many areas. Painting is just one of her many talents. 

You can tell that she puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. 

- Laura James-Blunk

We have commissioned Lisa to edit videos, create creative works, and most recently sketch a profile of a client on their wedding anniversary for a gift. Lisa is tremendously talented, easy to work with, and diligent with deadlines. When we first were introduced to Lisa we had several projects going with a couple competitors of hers and the process was exhausting, and they tied up many human capital resources. We engaged Lisa, told her what we were looking for, and she created EXACTLY what we wanted, with almost NO input from the team, and in a time frame far smaller than anyone else we’ve used. We are happy to recommend her to anyone needing any number of services, and there isn’t someone we’d rather work with on projects requiring a talented eye and creative works. Need something creative created? Give Lisa a call!

- Piopac Fidelity Continental

Lisa’s artistic talent speaks for itself. She is dedicated to her work and has a way of capturing vivid details that make her unique creations come to life. Her artistic ability is broad from photography and painting to her personalized drawings. Her one of a kind masterpieces will be lasting treasures.

- Janna Marshall

Lisa is one of the most talented and easy to work with creative minds I’ve met. She’s helped me with a few projects, they’re always perfectly done with care, and she’s a great person. Highly recommend her!

- Brian Hugger

We had some needs for creative works to educate and lighten an otherwise emotionally taxing and complicated subject. Lisa was up to the task and she helped us accomplish what we needed. She is an easy and fun person to work with. Thank you Lisa!

- Lifetime Travel Secure

We have a couple pieces of Lisa’s art. We love them! A portrait of a passed dog , that is very life like and painted with kindness.  She really puts a lot of thought  and time into her work.

- Lisa Lichte

Lisa is one of the most talented gifted artists I know.  Through her expressive lense, she creates that which invites the onlooker to explore the emotion and story captured in her creation.  

She is able to interpret and express emotion through her art that draws one into the story behind the painting.  Her ability to transpose real life photos or snap shots into beautiful portraits is unmatched. She brings out the heart behind the art.  


- Hailie Kennedy

Lisa is an amazing artist and I find myself sufficiently impressed every time I see one of her new projects.  Her level of natural talent and skill are eclipsed only by her lovely personality and ability to capture a client’s vision.

- Jamie Jensen

After seeing Lisa’s paintings online, I commissioned her to create a painting that I wanted to give a friend for Christmas. Lisa was able to take a bunch of photos of animals and people and paint a new scene with all the different components I wanted. The final product was beautiful and person who received the gift was happy. I look forward to commissioning Lisa again in the future.

- Scott Brown

We commissioned Lisa to make a painting of an incredibly special waterfall photograph that I had taken. She was humble and said she wasn’t sure she could recreate the basalt rock in the photo, but said she’d give it a try. Within a few weeks, she had painted the replication of the photograph in such beautiful detail that I could barely tell which was the original. Lisa is an incredibly gifted artist who can do anything, and a consummate professional as well. I highly recommend her for your project.

- Nicole Abbott

There are no words to describe Lisa’s impeccable artistry. Her compelling talent is so mesmerizing, every creative piece is truly a masterpiece! Her artistic talent is her passion. She truly captures magical beauty in her art. I admire her creativity on so many levels. She expresses her love and compassion through her astonishing works of art. While l was grieving the loss of my dog Snuffy, she drew me a picture of us together.  Not only is Lisa’s work unforgettable, spiritually it’s healing to the heart, mind and soul.

- Karen Henry

Lisa has an uncanny ability to take a picture or idea and breathe life, beauty, and emotion into a drawing. She is incredibly compassionate. I’ve seen on numerous times (and experienced) her thoughtfulness when she gifted a drawing to someone who was experiencing hardship. Her ability to connect and relate to human emotions permeates through her art.

- Tiffanie Lin

Lisa is a tremendously talented artist.  Many years ago she did a drawing for me of a tree with all four seasons.  I had it tattooed on my back.  I feel blessed to be carrying her artwork on my body!

- Jill Turken Banks

Lisa is a very talented artist! She sat in our living room one day visiting with us and did a colored pencil sketch of our dog that was absolutely beautiful.  What a gift she has.

- Marlyne Casley